ALS is a nerve disease that affects motor neurons. It’s also a death sentence. Patients who are diagnosed with it usually die within 3 years. 3 years in which all their muscles slowly decay until even swallowing and breathing becomes impossible. 

But there is hope. Drug researchers are currently on the brink of a breakthrough. A breakthrough cure could slow down or even halt the progression of ALS.

Why slow down ALS?

What is ALS?

How does ALS progress?

The disease affects motor neurons in the brainstem and spinal cord. Those motor neurons provide stimuli to your muscles. Because that connection disappears, the muscles start to decay. When you have ALS, you slowly become paralysed. You become trapped in your own body until swallowing and even breathing becomes impossible.

How long can someone survive with ALS?

The sad truth is that the average lifespan is 33 months after diagnosis. Some live longer. Some say goodbye to their family and loved ones much faster.

The longest-living ALS patient was perhaps also the most famous one. Stephen Hawking battled the disease for more than 50 years. 

What is ALS the abbreviation of?

Is there hope for a cure?

How common is ALS?

Every year, 120,000 people are told they have ALS. That’s about 328 a day. In Europe alone, 10,000 people die from the disease on a yearly basis. . People with families, friends, colleagues, and dreams. Most of them are affected around 60 years old. Men are diagnosed slightly more than women.

Is there a cure for ALS?

Scientists are working hard on a cure for ALS. They believe they are closer than ever. A breakthrough could slow down the progression of ALS or even stop the disease at a certain stage. Your donation is needed to make that happen. Because ALS research is costly. And institutional investors see little profit in it. You can help.

Your donations helps slow down ALS

Your help is needed for this final push. A final push that could save many lives. Your donation will go directly to the research for a cure. We promise. We do not charge any additional administrative or transaction costs. The ALS League is run entirely by ALS patients and family members. We know the difference your donation can make.

You can save a life

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The Belgian ALS league is an organisation founded and run by ALS patients and their families. This means that they unfortunately know the direct and indirect consequences of the disease by heart. As such, 100% of the donations you make are used to fund research and help ease the lives of patients.

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